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We Are Passionate ABOUT equipping the FAMILY

Welcome again to Pro-Active Parent Coaching, where families are empowered to deepen their connections with their children, cooperate with their children’s natural growth patterns, and release responsibility in a natural and progressive manner. 

We are the Bland family, currently residing in the picturesque landscapes of Nova Scotia, Canada. With a rich tapestry of experience in coaching, mentoring, volunteer work, and pastoral care, we are driven by a passion for helping families thrive.

Greg Bland, a parent, grandparent, Certified Birkman Method Consultant, ICF Certified Coach, and Certified Prepare Enrich Facilitator, brings over three decades of expertise to their practice. Their journey began with coaching their own young children, leading them to realize the transformative potential of applying coaching principles within the realm of parenting. This revelation inspired the development of a simple yet effective parent coaching model, which they dedicated themselves to sharing with families worldwide.

In 2011, Greg authored “Pro-Active Parent Coaching: Capturing the Heart of Your Child,” a parent’s guide to coaching that has touched the lives of families across Canada, the US, and beyond. Alongside our family and work roles, we have had the privilege of conducting parent coach training programs, both in-person and online.

Their commitment to family and relational health has naturally been tested by life’s challenges. Along with the typical parenting challenges people face, in 2017, they invited Greg’s mother to move to Nova Scotia to live close to them, only to shortly thereafter face the heartbreaking news of a fall in her home, hospitalization and subsequent Alzheimer’s diagnosis. During this season they moved to Ontario to provide care to Greg’s mom, while in Ontario Lynn was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Today, they call beautiful Nova Scotia home once again. Lynn is cancer free, Greg’s mom lives with the Bland’s, and their children are witnessing what family supporting family looks like first hand.

Through these and other trials life naturally brings, we have chosen to live openly and transparently, offering our experiences as a source of encouragement and hope to others like you.

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Our Philosophy

Our Mission

To equip parents to connect with and empower their children through the heart, disciplines, and skills of coaching.

Our Vision

To create a Legacy of Relational Health for Generations to follow, and naturally prepare family's to support their children's growth in responsibility better equipping them for life outside the shelter of their homes.

Our Values

Transparent life on life leadership.
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