Who We Are

Who we are

The Bland’s have been serving to enrich and strengthen family’s for over 20 years. Early on they recognized that children and teens were much more capable of intelligent (deeper) conversation, making decisions, and carrying responsibility than we often give them credit for. Having seen first hand both children and teens taking responsibility, reaching beyond themselves to serve others and tackling big issues head on solidified this belief within their hearts. 
The focus of their work has been upon helping family’s navigate the complexity of family relationships by Connecting in a way that best fits the uniqueness of their family, Cooperating with their children’s Natural Growth Patterns, and Supporting their children’s Growth in Responsibility.
Core Training Includes:
  • Identifying and strengthening their understanding of one another
    • Personality, preferences, strengths, weaknesses, and stressors
    • Identifying and cooperating with a child’s Natural Growth Patterns
      • Is it rebellion or something else?
    • When and how to begin releasing responsibility in a healthy manner
    • Defining our parenting vision/destination and establishing a plan to get there
  • Strengthening communication skills that make a difference
    • How to create and ask questions that invite conversation, promote responsibility, and take action
    • How to listen in a way that creates and maintains openness and discovery.
    • How to creating an environment that fosters awareness, learning, and application of learning to life
  • Supporting Growth in Responsibility
    • How to support your child’s growth the EASEy way.
    • How to create a healthy accountability structure
    • How to create an environment that keeps motivation and energy high

Our Core Beliefs

-Children and teens are more capable of making decisions and carrying responsibility than we often give them credit for
-A growing healthy relationship with your children and teens is possible.

If parents grasp and implement the heart, disciplines, and skills of coaching within their parenting it will revolutionize their relationship and better prepare their children for life outside the shelter of their home.
-The heart, disciplines, and skills of coaching are within reach with a little effort and hard work.
-Children and teens grow through service not into service.
-It’s never too late to begin.

What Other's Have Said

We learned how to better communicate and avoid unnecessary conflict. – Greg & Laura New Brunswick
I learned how to keep myself from jumping to conclusion, often wrong conclusions, and ask questions in a way that was much more effective. Ron – New Brunswick
We learned how to use new methods of communication. The biggest was how to listen. Marie & Guy New Brunswick
I have become more intentional about releasing responsibility, and celebrating their progress in a meaningful way, not just saying “good job.” – Jodi – Nova Scotia
I am confident my listening has improved and has helped me connect in a deeper way with my kids. James – Nova Scotia
I have begun looking at my children in a different way, not simply as children, but by their future identities. Jessica Nova Scotia
I may have missed many cues as my now 18 years old matured, but I believe there is still hope as I am better prepared to equip her for life outside my home. – Cheryl Ontario
Our family has developed more transparent and honest relationships together. Marg – Manitoba